What is Alpha?

ALPHA IS . . .

  • A powerful time of engaging God and one another around the most beautiful love story the world has ever known, Jesus.
  • A 10-week (9/25-11/27) gathering with a Life Group to rediscover and discuss the basics of our Christian faith. It will inform and inspire the seeker, as well as refresh and equip the believer.
  • A refresher for those who already know Jesus, to solidify their faith and equip them to have conversations with others about the Christian Faith.
  • An opportunity to invite others into discovery and discussion about the Christian Faith.

We desire to grow believers who follow, are changed by, and on mission with Jesus. Alpha helps us engage the Gospel and grow in our relationship with Jesus. Learning and growing in our relationship with Jesus is cultivated by relationships with other believers as we all journey together. We hope you will journey us in a Life Group.

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